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Closet Organizing: 6 Inspiring Articles to See Remarkable Results

A cluttered, stress inducing closet isn’t only hard on the eyes, it also impacts your energy.  Without closet organizing. you may often be late for meetings or create tension with your partner.

You’re ready for closet organizing for many reasons; years of mindless shopping, an inability to let go, or the actual space not being used to its best potential.

To deal with your closet clutter,  I’ve rounded up 6 helpful posts from experts in two fields: minimalism and professional organizing.

Why am I combining closet organizing tips from two different styles of experts?

I believe in the power of owning less and maximizing the efficiency of your home and storage.   When you clear first and then organize, the results in your closet will have you getting dressed in a snap.

The first three the following articles were written by minimalist bloggers and educators. They live by example and change millions of lives in the process. Their blogs focus on the mindset behind letting go of your out of control wardrobe.  They’ll show you to love living with less. 

Professional Organizers craft the second half of this list. I look to professional organizers who include minimizing in their process rather than just storage solutions.  Too often people with clutter want systems to organize without clearing first.  Remember: organized clutter is still clutter.

The closet organizing suggestions in these picks offer thoughtful and insightful ways make the most of your space.

So, are you ready to organize your closet?

Here are 6 articles that are sure to support your journey.

Joshua Becker of Becoming Minimalist

Becoming Minimalist was integral in my own transition from cluttered to calm.  Joshua writes about approachable minimalism that is less about the aesthetics and more about the freedom you’ll create with less.  His advice for closet organizing?  Own less clothes.

His second suggestion in this article to wear fewer colours is exactly how I went from never having anything to wear to loving my entire wardrobe. I now shop for blue, grey, white and black items and always have a closet filled with clothes I love.

The ten tips he’s included here range from adjusting your shopping habits to only owning one of each item.

Check it out and see if there’s a tip that resonates with you.

"You may be surprised at how much you enjoy the freedom that a minimalist closet brings."

You may know Courtney from her wildly popular minimalist fashion challenge, Project333. She struck a chord in thousands of women who were fed up of having overstuffed closets yet seemingly nothing to wear. Project333 brought capsule wardrobes to the mainstream.

In this article, Courtney explains exactly why we have better things to talk about than “what to wear”.  

Like her, I’ve opted out of the fast fashion game.  Where could you direct your energy if you thought about clothes less?

"You will never find something to wear that makes you feel beautiful, smart or loved until you believe you already are. And once you believe, you won’t need it from your clothes or other belongings anymore."

Still struggling with clutter?
Find out why!


Jennifer is an inspiring simple living and minimalism blogger based in Australia.  Aside from sharing the same name, we also share a love of travel and helping others live happy, simple lives. Jen is a self-professed ex-shopaholic who found solace in minimalism and owning less.

This article lists out essential questions to ask yourself while you go through the process of clearing and closet organizing.

I love question number three: “what were you thinking when you bought it?”  

It reveals the motivations behind your purchases. Ideally, you’ll buy new clothing when you need it. But in our fast fashion world, purchases usually stem from a deeper, more emotional charged place.

If you can get to the source of what void you’re trying to fill with endless bags of clothing from the mall, you’ll be able to unclutter your closet and keep it organized with ease.

"Taking the time to do the groundwork first will make a huge difference because when you have the right mindset it’s so much easier to follow through with intentional action."

Jen Robin of Life in Jeneral​

A friend recently shared Life in Jeneral’s Instagram account with me, and it’s highly addictive to watch their client before and after’s.  Based in Los Angeles California, they’re professional organizers to the stars like Jodie Sweeten and Sophia Bush.

After you put in the work of clearing your clutter, Life in Jeneral’s simple solutions can take a minimized space to an even more efficient level.  This team are closet organizing magicians!

I especially like the suggestion in this article to store like items together, which will make it easier to put items away to upkeep the results of your closet organizing.

"Life is about connection, not collection."

Sara Pederson of Time to Organize​

My favourite tip from this Minnesota professional organizer’s list?

Do the laundry first. 

That way, you’ll be able to see your entire wardrobe as you create systems in your closet for future use.  This helpful article will walk you step by step through the process of taming a chaotic closet and organizing it to fit your lifestyle.

"When preparing for an organized closet, the goal is to come up with a system that will allow you to maintain it with minimal effort, while maximizing your space, time, and wardrobe."

6. How to Organize Your Closet by a Professional Organizer

Anna of Sorted by Anna​

Oops! I may have misled you with the title of this post.

My final suggestion for you isn’t an article, but a short and incredibly practical video by Buzzfeed.

In it, professional organizer Anna of Sorted by Anna shares the 9 steps she uses to create incredible results for her clients.

She discusses small details like hanging your clothing all the same way in your closet as well as removing those clangy awful dry-cleaning hangers (and their plastic bags!)

Ready to get your closet organized?

I hope this list was helpful for your closet organizing efforts.  Don’t forget, it’s a 2-step process.

Adjust your mindset towards your clothes first and then organize your closet efficiently.  This combination is a powerful way to create a closet full of clothes that you adore and have no trouble finding!

Find out why your home is still cluttered.

Most people struggle with one of three common challenges when clearing clutter. But once you understand what’s holding you back, you can create a peaceful, calm & inspiring home you love.

Take the quiz below to uncover your #1 clutter challenge and how to overcome it!


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  1. Karen Sims

    Thank you for the ideas to reset my mind about clutter. The smaller clothes I am keeping for a time when I can wear them again are gone because I will buy a few outfits that fit when that time comes . Yay

    1. Jen

      Hi Karen, you’re so welcome and thanks for reading! Sounds like you made an empowered decision and it’s paying off in how good you feel 🙂

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