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Discover Your Motivation To Live A Simple Life

Many people will go their entire lives weighed down by the excess around them.

Yet something has brought you here to this very blog that will inspire lasting change in your life.

You’re here because you have some form of physical or emotional clutter, and you’ve had enough.  

It could be stacks of papers on a kitchen counter getting in the way when you’re trying to perfect your Granny’s ultimate chocolate chip cookie recipe.  Maybe it’s your closet, filled to the brim with clothes you rarely wear.

For me it was hundreds of photos in shoeboxes on my closet floor that I rarely took the time to look at.  I spent hours stacking and reorganizing those boxes.

When I finally went through and purged the bad photos I was shocked.  Many of them were old, blurry pictures of random landscapes I had no special connection to.  Some photos were of people whose names I couldn’t even remember.  Why did I hold onto photos that didn’t make me happy?

Emotional clutter holds you back

If physical clutter consists of items in our lives that no longer add value, then emotional clutter is made up of the emotions and thoughts don’t serve us anymore.

Emotional clutter could involve fear.  Fear of not being good enough, fear of failing, fear of opening up and letting another in.  It could be fear of taking the leap and making a big change in your life.

Another version of emotional clutter is worry, which is just a terrible use of our vivid imagination.  It exists in a future that hasn’t yet happened and removes us from the beauty of the present moment.

Guilt plagues many of us, myself included.  We feel guilty that we haven’t done enough, even if we’ve accomplished a lot.  We feel guilty for past decisions that can never be undone no matter how much we torture ourselves over them.

Your dream life is waiting for you on the other side of your clutter

When you imagine your life without clutter, do you picture a clean and tidy house?  This is a great benefit, but what if clearing the clutter from your life meant more?

This is life changing stuff, I swear.

When you take control of your physical surroundings and intentionally design your home, you’ll literally be able to create your version of your dream life.

How do I know this?  I’ve done it myself.

At the age of 29, I’d never owned a passport and had traveled on a plane only twice.  In 2011, everything changed as my boyfriend (now husband) and I traveled for three months throughout South East Asia.

That trip changed my life and gave me a new priority and motivator, travel.

This all happened two years into my journey towards a simpler, more intentional and clutter- free life.

Travel became a catalyst for all of my decisions and growth, as I had a deeper motivation to never give up.

Seven years later, and my husband and I have visited over ten countries.  Our love and desire to travel became so strong, we now live as nomads in a tiny home on wheels and travel North America full-time.

You can strip away the unnecessary layers of excess in your life to reveal a life that makes you want to jump up out of bed each morning

You know those days where you wake up in bed excited?  I think we all deserve way more of those days.  It’s possible, really!.

So how do you get pumped up enough to commit to the process of clearing your life?

You must be fueled by a deep motivation

It’s true, you’ll definitely have to purge the unnecessary items from your life.  There will be shockingly large amounts of bags going to your local donation center, and your shopping habits will need to adjust so you stop the endless stream of crap pouring into your space.

This is a completely normal starting place, but eventually your motivation will need to move beyond just “stuff”.

I think if you can identify your core motivation early on you’ll have a greater rate of success, and hopefully enjoy the process more!

So how do you determine what’s going to light the proverbial fire under your butt?

You need to get really clear on what motivates you on a deeper level.

Grab your journal or a blank piece of paper to write down your answer to these questions.

What Motivates You? 5 questions to help you determine why you want to live a simple life. What would you do with more time? What would you spend extra money on? What does your perfect day look like? What would you do without clutter in your life? What form of emotional clutter do you want to break away from?
Answer these questions honestly and without overthinking them.

Now that you’ve answered these questions, keep them close by and come back to them when you need an extra push.  These answers are the core motivators you need to transform your life.

Take control of your clutter, and you can change your life.

Want to share?  I’d love to hear your answers to the above questions in the comments.  Put it out there to The Universe and see what happens!

Questions to ask yourself to discover your deep motivation to live a simple life.
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This Post Has 5 Comments

  1. Kasia

    Thank you for this post and the questions, Jen! I actually got a bit sad because I realized that I rarely wake up excited about my day… maybe because I am content in general? And I don’t need excitement all the time?
    My answer to the questions:
    What motivates you?
    – Adventure and sense of discovery and creating something new.
    I always wish I had more time to simply be, daydream, play with paper and cook delicious food 😉
    If I could spend money on anything it would be a home renovation, cleaning service, and more travel.
    My version of a perfect day involves physical activity, time in nature, time to create and be alone and then fun time with my community/friends/family.
    Without clutter in my life, I could finally be more productive and relaxed at the same time.
    The form of emotional clutter I’d most like to break free from is all the ‘musts’ and ‘shoulds’ that I impose on myself – I’d like to live from a more ‘inspired’ place within me 🙂

    1. Jen

      I often come back and read this comment Kasia. Thank you for your honesty and participation. I hope you come back to your motivations often, they’re beautiful!

  2. Linda Anderson

    Thanks for the challenge! If I had more time…I would write more, read more, enjoy those sunrises and sunsets. If money were no problem at all, I would hire great caregivers for my 94 year-old Dad, people who have compassion and skills to meet his needs.
    A perfect day…and this is merely one of many: flying with my husband Glen through cool, smooth, brilliant blue skies and seeing the beauty below us.
    Without clutter, I would be less worried about how the house looks when friends pop in, and would have the time to spend with them. I also wouldn’t feel drained when we get into our motor home to travel; I could enjoy the views so much more!

    Emotional clutter I’d like to break from from is worry…Your definition of worry is perfect! “Another version of emotional clutter is worry, which is just a terrible use of our vivid imagination. It exists in a future that hasn’t yet happened and removes us from the beauty of the present moment.”

    Thanks, Jen. I appreciate what you have to say!

    1. Jen

      Linda, I adore reading your answers to these questions.
      Please keep them close to you, they will be the fuel to keep all of your future decisions moving towards what you really want in life.
      Thank you for sharing

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