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Squamish Home Organizer: 7 Reasons You’ll Love Working With One

Thinking about hiring a Squamish home organizer?  With the wild popularity of Netflix shows like Tidying Up with Marie Kondo and Get Organized with The Home Edit, clearing clutter is on everyone’s minds.

There’s just one problem.

When you look around your home, you’re unsure of where to even start!

And that’s where the right home organizer comes in.  When you find the perfect organizer to work with, you’ll be able to create the home haven you’ve been dreaming of.

So, if you’re curious about what it’s like to work with a professional organizer, keep reading.  The following are 7 great reasons to get the right help on your side.

1. Hiring an Organizer Saves You Time

Picture this: you wake up full of energy on a Saturday morning, determined to finally clear out your garage.

You tell your family to not disturb you because today is the day!

Right now, you have to crawl over packing tape sealed boxes to reach your bikes. It’s annoying and you’ve had enough.

You start shuffling around a few bins, and suddenly notice the bed frame your Great Aunt gave you leaning up against the wall.  You feel a pang of guilt for not knowing what to do with this sentimental piece of furniture.

Then, you decide to open a big blue rubber bin to see what’s inside.  You haven’t peeked inside since before your last move.  Uh oh, this bin is full of old soccer trophies and kid’s art.

Suddenly, three hours have passed and your garage looks about the same as when you started. Only now you’ve got bins of photos and keepsakes that you can’t decide what to do with.

When you hire an organizer, we help keep things on track.  So those three hours would be spent making real progress on the mountain of mess in your garage.

Not only that, but when we get down to decluttering, there will be an extra set of capable hands to lift, sort and move your belongings as necessary. 

2. Investing in a Squamish Professional Organizer Actually Saves You Money

Expired food.  Missing sports gear.  That new pack of batteries that you swore you bought last month.

The right organizer will help you purge properly and have organizing systems set up specifically for you and your household.  This means less items going missing or being repurchased.

Clutter is an energy drain that’s hard to ignore.  But a clutter-free environment creates the space you need to focus. 

Here’s another way to think about the return on investment you’ll get.

Many of my clients work from home and run amazing businesses.  Every minute saved by not fighting against clutter is time that can be poured back into their biz.

Working with me means they commit to purging, so their home offices are easy to maintain. No more piles of unknown papers!  And no more non-office clutter sneaking its way into their desk space.

Now, they can find important documents without stress.  Whatever they need to make a bigger impact in their work is at their fingertips. 

3. Get Support to Feel Less Overwhelm

Do you know your home needs a good purge, but procrastinate out of fear of creating a bigger mess?

This is a legitimate concern!

Maybe in the past you’ve torn apart your closet but got overwhelmed in the process.

Now not only do you have an unfinished task on your long to-do list, but your bedroom is a disaster. This negatively affects your sleep and mood for days to come.

But with a Squamish home organizer as your guide, great care will be taken to make sure your space is livable after each session.  You’ll have a calm professional by your side, able to tackle the biggest of organizing projects without leaving you with a mess.

4. The Right Home Organizer Offers Heaps of Emotional Support

There’s no denying it.  Clearing your life is tiring and often emotional work. Is it worth it? Always.

However, there will be moments in the process where you’ll be grateful to have a kind, empathetic and impartial guide by your side.

I pride myself on holding space for my clients’ emotions while we work together.   To me, it’s an incredibly rewarding part of this job.

Having someone to listen to you while you make purging decisions will be a big relief.

5. There Are Home Organizers Who Won't Judge You

Do you cringe at the thought of a stranger seeing in your closets and cupboards?

This is a valid fear, but the right organizer should never make you feel bad.

And trust me, we’ve seen it all.

And even if we see something new in your home, we still won’t judge!

Most professional organizers can create a beautiful pantry layout.  But you’ll also want to look for one who is caring, empathetic and non-judgmental.

Creating a trusting partnership is essential to success when it comes to home organizing.

6. Clearing Clutter Can Be Fun When You Have the Right Help

Have fun while clearing clutter?

Yes. I promise it’s possible.

When you and your organizer are a perfect match, it’s like decluttering with your best friend.

Only in this example, your best friend is a Squamish home organizer who has the skills to create the home haven of your dreams. 

If you work best with music on, we can make it happen.  I even help my clients breathe deeply, stretch and take mini-breaks during our sessions.

There are many ways to make decluttering fun, and I love trying them all.

7. Your Squamish Home Organizer Sees What's Possible (even if you can't)

When you walk into your home, you may only see a frustrating layer of excess stuff on every counter and in every corner.

As an intentional organizer, I love to help my clients see the ultimate vision of what’s possible in their home.  I see beyond the clutter and know that with the right effort, anything is possible in your home.

Because home is more than just a building.

It’s a place where love, creativity and life can shine.

Purging the stagnant clutter from your home and setting it up so you can actually find everything is simply life-changing.

Jen Rao Professional Organizer

Think We Might Be a Good Fit?

Hi! My name’s Jen .

I started Clear Your Life because I believe everyone deserves a calm, peaceful and clutter-free home. A home that supports your greatest desires rather than weighs them down.

I hope this article opened your eyes to the positive effect hiring a Squamish professional organizer can have on your life.

If you’re ready to clear space in your home for what matters most, I’d love to help.

We start with a free in-home consultation to ensure we’re a perfect match. I currently serve clients who live in Squamish and Whistler British Columbia.

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