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Clearing Clutter? This One Question Changes Everything!

Asking the right questions while you clear clutter will help you make better decisions and enjoy the results you crave. Keep reading for the ultimate question that will support your clutter clearing journey.

After weeks of procrastination, you’re ready to clear your clutter.

Starting with your clothes, it seems easy enough.

Favourite sweater?  Keep.  Ripped and stained blouse?  Toss.

Then suddenly the choices get harder.

Standing in front of your closet, you stare at the dress pants you bought after graduating.  Those navy pleated pants symbolize your entrance into adulthood, and you wore them to all of your favourite past jobs.  Ten years later, they haven’t been touched because you work from home in black leggings.

Now, you need to decide.  Do you keep those pants or finally let them go?

If you’ve made the decision to clearing clutter, you’re in good company.  The excess mess strewn across your counters and stuffed behind cupboard doors isn’t just ugly to look at, it also weighs you down.

From increased anxiety to hours wasted looking for misplaced items, there’s no shortage of reasons to clear your clutter.

Excess clutter in your life can affect you on many levels. It’s not just super hoarders who feel the effects of a cluttered life. There are many women in great jobs, who on the outside seem to “have it all together”, but deal with the stress of not wanting friends and family to drop by unannounced. 

Clutter is often a shameful secret, and the task of clearing it feels monumental.

There’s no one size fits all cure for clearing  clutter. It’s normal to try a few different methods to find what’s best for you.

Why Looking Ahead Will Help You Let Go of The Past

We often have trouble with change.  It feels unsettling, and is a chance for our egos to sneak up behind us and convince us that we’re unsafe.

Let go of the past, and you’ll welcome new opportunities to grow and expand as a person. You can set your physical space up to create the life you dream of (seriously!)

Clutter is a constant reminder of who you once were, identities you held dearly.  Positive and negative memories linger in your belongings.

Get clear on the future you’re intentionally creating, so you can loosen the grip your clutter has on you now.

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Ask Yourself This Question When Clearing Clutter

Read to re-frame how you look at your belongings.?

Ask yourself:

“Do I want to bring this into my future with me?”

Think about it – all belongings come from your past. Literally every single one of them. And they all have energy and identities attached to them.

This question turns clearing clutter into a tool to shape your future.

You get to decide the person you are becoming.  Often, you can’t let go of old items because you’re not ready to detach from the past identity.

Here are examples of how letting go of the past can bring better opportunities into your future:

Want a better job? Release the old clothes from your internship that turned sour.

Ready to attract a loving partner?  Make sure mementos from past relationships are cleared and removed from your living space. And while you’re at it, clear half the space in your closet – tell the Universe you’ve made room for him or her to find you.

Keep Practicing & Your Intuition Will Grow Stronger

Clearing your clutter doesn’t have to be done all in one weekend.  Instead, develop a steady and consistent practice over time. Decluttering will come naturally, rather than being the thing on your to-do list that you avoid at all costs.

There’s a false assumption that you can just suddenly hit a point where you never need to clear clutter again.

But this is misleading.

Clearing won’t end but it will get easier and take up less stress in your life. You’ll strengthen your intuition and be able to make keep or toss choices with ease. You’ll look at everything brought into your life with a more discerning eye.

This is how to stop the cycle of overwhelming stuff pouring into your life.

Remember, clearing clutter will do more than just make your home look better. Energetically, you’ll feel better too. With more space in your life, you’ll have the ability to call in more of what you really want in life – be it financial abundance, travel or better relationships.

It all starts with taking control of your space and actively creating the life you desire.

Put it in Action

I hope this article has inspired you to take action in your own space. You can make a difference, starting today! Clearing clutter and removing items that don’t serve your future self will lift your energy and create bigger brighter opportunities!

The next time you’re wondering if you should keep, toss or donate an item, ask yourself “do I want to bring this into my future with me?”.  

Then, get quiet and listen for your intuition to answer.  Suddenly the stress of making these decisions will melt away.

You deserve a home, space and life you love! Start by clearing your clutter and you’ll be amazed at the changes you’ll create.

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