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Create Your Own Home Sanctuary

Create a comfortable space you enjoy being in.

In the last few weeks, there’s been an increase in intense energy and fear in our lives.  We’ve been asked to stay home and “self-isolate” to stop the spread of Covid-19.

If you are currently spending extra time at home with your family, make sure you take the time to create a home sanctuary that you feel safe and comfortable in.

Start by removing the following:

Trash & recycling is often the easiest way to create instant space in your home.  It will freshen the air and be easy to complete because there are no hard decluttering decisions involved.

Completing all of your laundry is also a simple way to feel proud of your space.  It will help your home look neater.  While the laundry’s on, find any used plates & dishes and bring to kitchen for a quick tidy up.
Next, move loose clutter on counter tops.  Clear counters create a calming aesthetic.  Plus, the more room on counters the easier they are to use.

Lastly, remove items that block doorways.  You should be able to move freely in and out of doors to increase energetic flow of home.

Now add touches that make you feel good:

What you add to your home is equally important as what you take away.  Now that you’ve cleared space, it’s time to add joyful touches for your home sanctuary.  

Comforting smells like essential oils, candles or baking and cooking.

Music that suits the mood you’re trying to create.

A dedicated space for stillness – journal writing, reading, or just being cozy.  

Bring plants into the space for air purifying and to add life and energy.

suggestions on how to create a home sanctuary

Your home sanctuary is just a few simple changes away.

You deserve a safe, comfortable home.  Take a few minutes and try some of the ideas above, then enjoy the positive energetic changes you’ve made.

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