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How to Own Less Clothes (+ love getting dressed again)

Ready to own less clothes? Below you’ll learn 5 helpful ways to make it happen!

The math simply doesn’t add up.  You’d think that owning more clothes would equal always having something to wear, right?

Sadly, the opposite is true.  

Your overstuffed closet leaves you feeling frustrated every day as you search for the right outfit to wear.

So whats the solution?  It’s time to declutter your closet and own less clothes.

Imagine a closet where cable knit sweaters don’t topple from the top shelf onto your head when you’re searching for your relaxed-fit Levi’s.

Picture the chair in your bedroom being used for sitting – instead of collecting almost worn outfits, coats and clean(ish) dirty laundry.

What about the joy of always find what you’re looking for when getting dressed?

These are just some of the benefits of purging your wardrobe and owning less clothes.  Intrigued?  Then keep reading for 5 tips to help you pare down your wardrobe.

Connect to how amazing it will feel to own less clothes.

Mindset work is hard to write about.  Are you reading this thinking “what is this woman talking about? I want an organized closet, not a visualization lesson”

Stay with me here.  It’s all connected, I promise.

Your thoughts become things.  So, if you declutter only focused on the fear, stress and challenges of your closet, you’re not setting yourself up for success.

Instead, get clear on the end result.  Picture your end goal for decluttering and your actions will flow smoothly.  You’ll be amazed at the results.

Here are simple prompts to use when thinking about your ideal closet.

“Only seeing items I love in my closet makes getting ready in the morning so easy and makes me feel ___________________ .”

“Now that I’ve let go of all of those extra clothes my closet I can finally _____________________ .”

“With less clothes stressing me out, I have more time to ____________________________ .”

Stop buying into fast fashion.

Thankfully, in the past decade there has been education on the negative side of cheap, always changing clothing trends.  Check out the documentary The True Cost to see how your tank top only costs $4.  It isn’t pretty.

Sustainability and human rights aside, let’s talk about cheap fast fashion and its affect on your clothing clutter.

With low prices and cute new outfits available easily at your fingertips, why wouldn’t you keep shopping like it’s a sport?

One of the main rules of a simplified, cohesive and decluttered closet is quality over quantity.  You don’t need to break the bank on every purchase, but piles of cheap clothing are clutter enemy #1 in closets.

Be mindful when you shop.  Don’t let big companies convince you that you need to buy different looks each season.  It’s a made-up rule – and one that makes them billions of dollars.

Choose your go-to items wisely.

A closet full of basics that work well together is the ultimate antidote to clothing clutter.  Remember this rule when you’re shopping and when you’re purging.

It’s fun and satisfying to create looks from your decluttered closet.  You’ll always know what looks good together and you’ll feel put together and happy no matter the season it is.

This was a big bonus when I first decluttered my closet in 2011.

I had a tendency to buy one-off items in a wide assortment of colours that barely went with anything else in my closet.  Worse than that, I would try them on before going out and then throw them on the floor, opting for my favourite go-to outfits.

Why not skip this frustrating step and only keep what you love and wear instead?

Think about who could benefit from your excess clothes.

Stay motivated by connecting to the benefits your donations will have on other people’s lives.  Why hold onto eight pairs of blue jeans when you only wear two?  Imagine those other six pairs getting picked up by women who are thrilled to have them as their favourite jeans.

However, I don’t want this point to be a free pass for you to continue mindlessly shopping and refilling your closet before dumping items off at the donation center.

I’m a firm believer that to achieve an uncluttered life, you must purge AND adjust your habits for future success.   Otherwise, you’ll continue on the same cycle of refilling your closet with clutter.

Know that letting go now will save you money + frustration in the future.

A pared down closet means less searching, frustration and missing items.  How many times have you bought another white blouse because you swore you had lost yours, only to find it hiding in your mountain of clothing a few weeks later?

The decluttering process takes time and can bring up regret for money already spent.

Before you hesitate because you’re thinking about all of the money you already spent on those clothes – I’d like you to change your mindset around that money.

It’s gone, and no amount of life spent stuffed away in the back of your closet is going to make that shirt turn into money again (unless of course, you declutter your closet and consign your good pieces – win win!)

Luckily, it will pay you back in huge dividends when done right – because you’ll always be able to locate your clothing and will stop needlessly buying double and triples!

Own less clothes and love your closet more than ever.

This is a small sample of the benefits that come from paring down your wardrobe.  When you own less clothes you’ll experience a freedom to enjoy your minimized closet with joy!

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