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Clear Your Bedroom Clutter (it’s easier than you think!)

Bedroom clutter affects your sleep, mood and relationships. In this article I’ll show you how to break the areas of your bedroom into small, manageable zones. Plus common causes of bedroom clutter. This way, clearing clutter becomes a step by step project you can complete at your own pace. 

Your dream bedroom is hiding under piles of your mismatched clean and dirty laundry.  It’s waiting to be uncovered once you clear the shelves of random objects that have been there for years.  Your bedroom clutter has got to go!

Take a second and think about the energy in your current bedroom.  

If you’re battling bedroom clutter you’re probably experiencing:

  • disappointment that you can’t seem to let go of clothes you don’t need or wear
  • restlessness from the clutter on your shelves and dresser
  • frustration when you trip over piles of books that end up on the floor

Now imagine your bedroom clear and organized.

You wake up after a deep sleep with a smile on your face, sit up in bed and take a quick look around the room.

Your shoulders relax. 

Choosing an amazing outfit from your closet is a breeze.

And by creating room to breathe in your bedroom,  new joy is finding you every day.

Sounds lovely, right?

It’s time to ditch the bedroom clutter and create a sanctuary instead.

Small Bedroom Clearing Projects You Can Try Today

If you’re new to Clear Your Life, check out my simple 4-step process to clear clutter without overwhelm. 

It’s called the Clear Your Life Method and you can read all about it here.  In the guide, you’ll learn how to collect, clear, commit and complete each decluttering project.  

Once you have the basics of the CYL Method down, you can easily start AND finish small clutter clearing projects in your bedroom.

Here are some examples to get you started:

  • one bookshelf at a time
  • top of your dresser
  • linens
  • bedside table
Clothing is often the biggest source of bedroom clutter.   You can divide your wardrobe into smaller sections and clear them one at a time:
  • pants
  • tops
  • dresses
  • work uniforms
  • seasonal items
  • accessories
  • underwear
  • socks

The key to small clearing projects is to do small amounts consistently, instead of trying to do one big purge “when you have time.” Because let’s face it, you never have the time.

The more you practice these small clutter clearing projects, the easier they become. You’ll be able to clear on autopilot.  

Plus you see quick results which always feels good.


Four Common Causes of Bedroom Clutter

Clearing unused or unwanted items is a BIG part of this process, but it’s not the only one. No amount of clearing will be enough unless you adjust the root cause. Keeping a tidy, organized and functional home has many layers to it.

Are you guilty of any of these four clutter causes?

1. Buying too many clothes

There’s an incredible phenomenon that happens when you declutter your clothing – you’ll often find you have more to wear.

Social media, ads and magazines shout at you every season, it’s time to buy more clothes. You can opt out of this outdated system and reclaim the space and serenity in your closet instead. 

2. Laundry

Piles of unknown shirts and pants are like a obstacle course laid out on your floor. You have a hamper, but it’s so full that your sweaters are spilling out over the side of it.

The absolute easiest way to get a handle on your laundry?  Own less clothes. 

Then, once your clothing collection is streamlined, put a simple system in place for your laundry.

Which system will work for you?  The one that you actually follow!

You may choose to do a load of laundry on one or two specific days of the week.  Don’t over complicate your life with the system you choose.  Make it work for you.  Here’s a roundup post from 30 Handmade Days with 5 simple laundry systems to choose from.

3. Later

Do you know why there’s laundry on your floor? Because you said you would pick it up “later.” Catch yourself the next time you say you’ll do something later.  And do it right away instead.

No more “later”! If you have the 30 seconds to a minute to complete a super simple task, do it!

I promise, this one change will change your home instantly.

4. Loved Ones

You may glance around your bedroom and only see your partner’s clothing or clutter.  I’ve been guilty of this many times.  Bring the focus back on you, and always lead by example.

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You can’t control others, but you can help them see the benefits of letting go.

Get Rid of Bedroom Clutter & Have Sweet Dreams

If the “stuff” in your bedroom feels like an anchor weighing you down, you CAN take action today. There is more good waiting to get to you, it just needs the space to show up in your life.

While reading blogs and pinning articles is an important first step, remember that you must take action in your space.

Find out why your home is still cluttered.

Most people struggle with one of three common challenges when clearing clutter. But once you understand what’s holding you back, you can create a peaceful, calm & inspiring home you love.

Take the quiz below to uncover your #1 clutter challenge and how to overcome it!


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