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7 Journal Prompts to Live a Clutter-Free Life

The secret to a clutter-free life is more than driving bulky black donation filled garbage bags to your local thrift shop. If you want long term success, you’ll also need to tap into your ideal future, listen to your intuition and confidently keep your space how you want it. These journal prompts support the inner work that creates lasting space in your home and your heart. 

In the past 15 years, my journal practice has helped me go from scattered, unfulfilled and frustrated to becoming a professional organizer. Now I help others clear space in their homes and lives!

Honestly, the power of journal prompts can’t be beat when it comes to self-reflection, self-improvement and self-love.

When you connect to yourself in a journal, you take the energy of your ideas and thoughts and turn them into physical form. Then, you simply take steps to make this reality come true. 

When done with a sense of playfulness, this process is FUN!

Clutter-free dreams: prompts to see the future you want

 #1  Describe your perfect day

This is a simple yet powerful journal prompt to place you in your ideal future self. Imagine you wake up in the morning of your ideal day, and everything is just how you wanted it to be. Write out the whole day. 

Who are you with? What are you doing? What does your home look like? What is your schedule like? How do you feel? 

The more specific you can be in your description, the better!

#2 Write a letter from you a year from now

Picture it, your house is spacious and clutter-free. Everything you’ve set out to achieve has come true! Your home is exactly as you always wanted it to be. You have more time, space and freedom – and you feel freaking amazing.

What did it take to get to this successful place? If you look back on the past year, what advice does future you have for your current self? 

Describe the journey it took to get here – always include as much detail as possible.

#3 Guiding Word

When working 1:1 with clients, we always begin by choosing a guiding word. This becomes the blueprint for all the work we do. When we make decisions moving forward, we’ll ask ourselves if the decision is in alignment with the guiding word.

To find your word, open a blank page and think about all the positive words associated with your desire for a clutter-free life. Have fun with this, there’s no right or wrong answer here. If you get stuck, try doodling on the page lightheartedly until the words start flowing again. Here are a few to get you started:


Clutter-free for life: learn to let go

#4 Write your clutter a farewell letter

Ready to break up with your clutter? This journal prompt allows you to express how you really feel and gain closure. Just like you would have truths to share with a toxic ex partner in your life, you’ll surely have lots to say to your clutter. 

Begin the letter with the following sentence:

“Dear clutter, we’ve been together for a while now, but it’s time to say goodbye…”

For added emphasis, safely burn or destroy the letter when you’re done!

#5 Write a list of 100 

I’d like you to try writing a list of 100 items you could clear from your home (and not miss.) This could be anything- think old receipts, unneeded cardboard boxes or half-used tea light candles.

To complete this prompt, add your numbers 1-100 on the left side of your pages. This helps you stay in your flow rather than numbering as you go. 

Once your page is ready, begin brainstorming and writing ANY ideas that come up. It’s okay if you repeat items, if your writing is messy and if you feel like you’ll never finish the list. Whatever you do, don’t stop!

This journal prompt sounds intimidating, but you’ll be amazed at what comes up. By gently forcing yourself to keep writing no matter what, you’ll eventually access the subconscious part of yourself. I find that by idea 75 on is where I get the juiciest “aha moments.”

(Both of these prompts were inspired by the amazing book Journal to the Self)

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Clutter-free for life: develop a gratitude practice

#6 Why are you grateful for your home?

I’ve found that since I cleared the clutter from my life, I have more capacity for community care. What if we took care of our homes so we could take better care of others? 

Sadly, not everyone has the luxury of a roof over their heads or clean drinking water. Indigenous Nations still go without clean water in my home country of Canada. And because of systemic inequities, many people don’t have a safe place to sleep or money to buy food.

So, no matter the current state of your home, take a moment to feel grateful for all it does for you. 

This prompt isn’t to shame you into feeling grateful, but rather help you develop a balanced view of what’s happening in your life. 

Yes, your cluttered home causes stress. But there’s also an opportunity here to acknowledge the good it brings your life too.

#7 What hard things have I already done in my life?

Often, the frustration of clutter blinds us of our own awesomeness. This journal prompt encourages self-compassion and kindness to remind you how powerful you truly are.

Think of a past challenge in your life and answer the following:

  • what happened?
  • were you unsure if you could overcome it?
  • how did you figure out what to do?
  • what did you learn?

You Deserve the Life and Home of Your Dreams

I hope these journal prompts help you on your journey to a clutter-free life. Clearing space in your home takes time and belief in yourself. 

But if you show up and do the inner work, nothing can stop you. Be bold and go after the future life you desire!

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