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How Clutter Affects Your Energy: It’s More Than An Eyesore

Curious how clutter affects your energy?

Your living space, which should support you, is a constant disaster zone that you can’t get a handle on.  Because of this, you feel powerless.  Most start their clutter clearing journey to tame the visual stress it causes.  As a result, they heal the energy in their lives as well.

Below I share 5 surprising ways that clutter affects your energy.  You’ll also learn simple tips to start clearing, today.

1. Clearing Clutter Boosts Your Confidence

Take this one from me, the more control you have over your space, the more confidence you’ll gain. 

Before I personally cleared my clutter, I struggled.  Consequently,  I missed work deadlines, my home was disorganized and I often felt drained.  I assumed it was “just how I was”.

However, it turned out that once I had less to organize, I was an organized person!  This boosted my confidence in my personal life, at work and in my personal relationships.

I stopped feeling late, constantly behind and like I was treading water in life.  Instead, I was control of my space and my schedule.  

Being organized boosts your confidence and you can step into your future self fully.  For this reason, it’s my favourite result of how clutter affects your energy.

Instead of being lost in the weeds of your own life and clutter, you’ll have a ten-thousand-foot view.  That is, you  clearly see where you are now and where you want to go.

Where clutter creates blocks and holds you back, clearing opens the door for who you’re meant to become.

After all, you’re the architect of your own life, nobody else.

Tip:  Write out what you want from your life plus what your life will look like without clutter.  I share journal prompts for you here.

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2. Less Clutter Affects Your Energy By Unleashing Your Creativity

Do you keep papers, notebooks and computer documents filled with random flashes of inspiration or ideas?  What about half-finished online course workbooks or binders from school?

Women I’ve worked with did exactly this.  Afterwards, they were amazed at how letting go of those papers allowed fresh, new creativity to pour into their lives.

At the heart of this type of clutter is fear.  Specifically, a fear that  good ideas only exist in the past. What if you never come up with the right idea in the future?  What if your best idea is hiddden?  Scribbled on a taco truck napkin in the middle of your mountain of untouched papers.

Quick question: have you gone one day without an idea or new thought?

The answer of course, is no.

A scarcity mindset will convince you that your only good idea lies somewhere buried in your past.  Specifically, you’re telling the Universe: “I don’t trust that the right ideas come at the right time”

The result? 

You stay stuck and your creativity is blocked.  This is why when you let go of the past, new ideas can emerge.

In fact, this took place with an amazing CYL client.  First, we cleared her office of unfinished course work.  Then, she let go of old scraps of paper filled with unfinished ideas.  She then had the space to create her dream project: a podcast she had been putting off for months.

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Tip:  if you haven’t finished the work for a course you purchased within a year, let it go.  There’s somethig better waiting to support you in the future.

3. Less Stuff Can Lower Your Anxiety

Anxiety looks different to different people.  Therefore, this is NOT medical advice or a substitute for therapy or your doctor’s recommendations. 

I personally experience GAD (General Anxiety Disorder – inner worry, hypervigilence without panic attacks or visible signs of anxiety).  This means the space I surround myself with affects how I feel inside.

When every closet and corner of my home was stuffed with undealt with clutter, my home constantly sent me silent messages of overwhelm every second I was in it.

That clutter that I hadn’t dealt with was like a little reminder of “Hey! Remember me?  I’m that problem you won’t deal with!  Don’t you feel like a failure every time you see me sitting here?”

My anxiety stems from never feeling “good enough”.  If you’re like me, your home needs clear spaces and organization to support a healthy mindset.

Clutter affects your energy and causes anxiety when:

  • Your mother-in-law texts and lets you know she’s dropping by in ten minutes.  She was shopping and found you the perfect sassy coffee mug!  Not only do you not need anymore mugs, but your home is a mess and she’ll be ringing your doorbell any minute.
  • You’re late or almost late because you can never find your wallet before leaving your house. 
  • Your accountant needs a receipt for car detailing from eight months ago and you have no clue where the heck it is.
  • You drag around an overstuffed hard-shell suitcase through LAX, vowing to never over pack in the future.  You’ve had to pay the overweight luggage fee again.  Why?  You packed a month’s worth of close for a weekend getaway.

Tip: Assign your go-to items a permanent home.  For example, your keys, wallet and purse.  

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4. Sleep Better with Less Clutter In Your Space

How does decluttering allow you to rest better?  

Ideally, your bedroom should be a sanctuary.  A quiet, peaceful escape from the distractions of your everyday life.

However, if your bedroom has piles of unwashed laundry on the floor, piles of clean laundry still in a hamper and piles of not-even-sure laundry piled on “the chair” – your sleep will be affected. 


Lay your eyes on your bedroom clutter, and you’ll experience guilt, frustration and stress.

Those piles of clothing are more than just unfinished chores, they’re a physical reminder of your own procrastination.  They’re also a physical confirmation that you can’t “keep up” with your life.

And when bedroom clutter creates tension, you’ll find it harder to relax.

Not exactly a recipe for sweet dreams is it?

Tip:  Unclutter your bedroom with small steady progress.  Click below to read how.

Blog: Clear Bedroom Clutter (it’s easier than you think!)

5. Gain a Sense of Freedom

With all the fear, overwhelm and attachment that clutter brings, freedom waits for you on the other side.

How will you feel free?

You may hold onto to your belongings “just in case”.  This form of attachment stems from not wanting to waste money you’ve spent in the past.  Or the worry that you’ll hurt a friend or family members feelings for letting go.

[Have trouble letting go of unwanted gifts?  Then this blog post is for you.]

When you break free from needing anyone’s permission to declutter your OWN belongings, without anyone’s approval you’ll be free to do as you please with your home.

This puts you in the driver’s seat.  You’re in control!

There are other incredible freedoms too.

Moving is easier.  Traveling is easier.  Getting ready to go to work is easier!  You create the room in your life to flow, to actually feel like you have enough time in the day..

How good does that sound?

Tip:  Instead of thinking about how hard decluttering is, think about how much easier your life will be once you do it.

You Deserve the Energetic Benefits of Clearing Clutter

Taking control of your clutter isn’t always easy, but it’s 100% worth it.  Take it one step at a time, and stay on track. Believe in yourself, and you can do anything!

Find out why your home is still cluttered.

Most people struggle with one of three common challenges when clearing clutter. But once you understand what’s holding you back, you can create a peaceful, calm & inspiring home you love.

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