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How to Find Peace

What’s your reason for clearing?

We all come into this journey on a different path, with different inspirations.

I’ve asked Clear Your Life readers what their reasons are.

One answer stood out:

“I need peace in my life.”

Those were her exact words and I empathized deeply. It’s my motivation as well.

Because when you live with chaos in your life, you crave peace constantly.

Are You Searching for Peace?

Remember, our actions, living spaces and environments can either add to or take away from our sense of peace.

Life is a set of choices we get to make.

And in order to find a sense of peace, you first must decide what that looks like for you.

Too often, we look outward to others’ lives and step by step suggestions on how to find what we’re looking for.

But the exciting (and sometimes scary!) news is that deep down, we always know what’s best.

In order to create a peaceful life, you’ve got to trust your own intuition.

The Only Person You Need To Listen To Is You

You can do this by reflecting in a journal, mindfully clearing your space or spending more time alone.  Life is distracting and noisy, so take time to connect with your inner self and carve out quiet.

And most importantly remember…

You DESERVE peace.

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