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7 Reasons Spring Can Boost Your Mood AND Your Clutter Clearing Efforts

There’s an unmistakable feeling in the air each year when Spring rolls around.  After a seemingly never-ending and  dark winter, the days start to get longer and we begin to wake from our slumbers.

There’s a certain hopefulness and happiness connected to Spring, and that makes it an incredible time to get intentional on how you want your life to look, and take action clearing clutter.

Keep reading for seven inspiring reasons why Springtime and clutter-clearing go together like peanut butter and jelly.  Then get ready and excited for all this season has to bring to you!

1. Dealing With Seasonal Items Becomes Easier

Winter is almost over, so what a great time of year to take stock of the gear and clothing you own – and decide intentionally what you’ll keep for next winter.

Now that you’ve had a full season to use your warmer clothes and accessories, you can take a look at what you actually used vs what sat in a closet for another full season.  These easy decisions will boost your confidence and help create space in your home.

The best part of creating space in your home?

It translates to space in your mind and your moods.  With less items to choose from, without every shelf and closet busting at the seams – you’ll experience a peacefulness that extends to all parts of your life.

Plus when you only keep what you love and use, you release the guilt of keeping items that are drawing negative energy into your home.

2. Increased Sunlight

You know that sleepy feeling you get in the winter that you just can’t seem to shake?  It doesn’t mean you’re lazy, there’s science to explain it.

Our bodies need sunlight and when we get it, we produce less melatonin which causes sleepiness.  I don’t know about you, but being sleepy and clutter-clearing don’t go hand and hand to me.

In Spring, the days get longer, we have more time in the sun and our energy, just like nature around us starts waking up from the stagnation of winter.

Sunlight and more energy is an incredible mood booster, which is one reason why Spring is such an incredible time to devote to bettering your life and clearing your clutter.

Everyone reading this will have different amounts of clutter they want to deal with.  But one thing is universal – if you have more energy, the thought of actually dealing with your clutter will be a little less overwhelming.  The best way to clear your clutter?  One small and manageable project at a time.

3. Spring Is The Season of Inspired Action

That sounds like a flowery and vague statement, but when you get in tune with the natural cycle of our Earth, the more flow you’ll experience in your life.  If we follow the patterns of the season, Spring is when energy and ideas burst out.

Think about it…

In the Spring the ground starts to warm up, and each day more and more tiny seedlings start to burst their way through the soil. 

Just like the plants around us, we’re meant to take action in the energetically charged time of year.

4. Clutter-Clearing Is A Great Use of Excess Energy

Have you heard of the term “stir crazy”?   Well, this is me at the end of winter.  Even after spending time in snow and beautiful outdoors, I get this way.  There’s something about having all of the windows and doors closed up for months that affects my energy.

If you also get this  buzz of adrenaline and you need to release it,  I’ve got just the thing!  Start completing small clutter-clearing projects and you’ll see that each decision gets easier.

It’s a win-win.  

You have less junk getting in the way of the live you’d actually love to live, and you won’t feel stir crazy anymore!

5. A Spring Refresh Means An Even Better Summer

Ah, Summer!  A time for adventure and holidays.  Summer is the ultimate time to kick back and enjoy the work you completed in Spring.

Imagine what a great summer you will have if you clear some space and get intentional now!  It’s the same idea as sowing seeds in the Springtime so you can enjoy the bloom of flowers in the Summer.

How much more could you enjoy your summer if you weren’t stressed out by your clutter by then?  It’s a very freeing thought, and available for anyone who commits to the paring down process.


6. Your Creativity Will Have Space To Shine

What would you like to devote your time to this Spring?  Is there a creative project that has been noodling around in your brain for the past few months?

Clear some clutter, make some space – and you’ve just set yourself up to create freely and in an environment that supports your efforts rather than hinders them.

There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to start a project, but not knowing where your supplies are.  Or even worse, finally finding all of the supplies you need after a trip to the store to buy replacements.  Only to return home to get to work, but you have no room to lay your supplies out.

Get intentional and clear space for your projects, and you’ll enjoy them more and lift your mood in the process.

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