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How to Create Positive Energy in Your Home

Creating positive energy in your home involves more than just adding items like candles, essential oils and spiritual decor. Instead, this article explains why clearing clutter is the #1 way to go. You’ll be amazed at how small actions shift the look and feel of your home for a positive effect that ripples throughout your entire life!

Our homes are powerful.

They influence our lives, affect our moods and support or hinder our greatest desires.

So, if you want more positive energy in your home, start with your stuff. Because clearing clutter is THE most powerful way to take physical action that leads to expansive possibilities.

In fact, clearing clutter is so powerful, you can transform your space and develop positive energy within your home in mere minutes.

But let’s clear a misconception up first.

Understanding Clutter & How it Affects Your Home

To begin, let’s define what clutter is to you.

Because you don’t have to be an extreme minimalist to live in a clutter free home.

Unfortunately, years of bleak minimalist aesthetics and over stylized Instagram photos may have you questioning if you should even bother clearing clutter. After all, you know your home will never look like that.

Here’s the thing, it doesn’t have to look like anything you’ve seen in the media! 

An uncluttered home is your home, with just the right amount of things in it for you and your needs. Because clutter isn’t just stuff, it’s the stuff that’s in the way.

Here’s what I mean:

A large photo collection isn’t clutter. But a storage tote overfilled with years of untouched pictures (some blurry, filled with people you don’t know or random landscapes from forgotten vacations) might be clutter.

Books aren’t clutter. Even a large collection of 1500 books isn’t clutter (if you love books and they hold a special place in your life.) But a dusty, jumbled bookshelf filled with untouched books that you feel “meh” about? That could be clutter.

Let’s try one more example:

Toys aren’t clutter. But buckets and bins of forgotten toys hidden away and never played with anymore? Those might be clutter.

At Clear Your Life, I work methodically through people’s homes (just like I did in my own.) We carve away the extra layer of “bloat” that’s in the way of the belongings my clients actually love and use.

This is the ultimate way to create positive energy in your home!

Old, unloved belongings in your home hold a heavy weight to them. This is why clearing clutter is the most tangible, action packed way to create positive energy in your home and your life.

Below you’ll find examples of clutter you can clear to harness the magic of positive energy in your own home.

Positive Energy in Your Entryway

The front entrance is the energetic focus of your whole home. Items in the way when you enter and leave your home create blockages physically but also subconsciously! If your entryway is cluttered, look specifically for:

  • piles of coats or overstuffed closets
  • overflowing key rings
  • umbrellas tucked behind the door

Bonus Tip: look for blocked pathways

Did you know energy needs a clear path to move throughout your home? To allow energy flow, keep behind doors and walkways clear. While it’s tempting to stuff items behind your doors, this creates a negative energy flow. Same goes for large furniture that cuts off your walking path.


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Positive Energy in Your Bedroom

Your bedroom supports your sleep which affects everything in your life. To me, there’s nothing worse than shuffling through the day without proper rest. Sleep gives you energy and focus, which allows you to show up bigger and brighter in your life like you’re meant to! If your bedroom is in disarray, clutter and anxiety go hand in hand.

Take a look around your bedroom for the following:

  • clothes you don’t like or that don’t fit
  • gifts or mementos attached to negative experiences
  • paperwork that belongs in an office/work area
  • unopened boxes from old moves

Bonus Tip: let light & air in

An open window will allow fresh air in, and negative energy to leave your space with ease. Energy needs somewhere to go. And because nature is always changing, when you invite the outside into your home, you welcome change on an energetic level.

Positive Energy in Your Bathroom

Your bathroom should support you each morning and night. Is yours supporting mindful moments or frantic mornings? Getting ready for work or play can be a stress free experience, if you clear space where you need it.

When clearing bathroom clutter look for:

  • jumbled makeup drawers
  • doubles and triples of the same products
  • expired medicine

Bonus tip: use crystals to uplift your space

Did you know you can use crystals for positive energy in your home? Not only are they beautiful, but they can also shift the energy of a space. For your bathroom, try seleniteclear quartzamethyst or black tourmaline.

Positive Energy in Your Kitchen

Kitchens are the heart of the home. They’re a place to connect, nurture and replenish! But kitchen clutter robs the space of ease and creates struggle.

Have a look for:

  • Cupboards where kitchen supplies topple over when you open the door
  • Unorganized ingredients
  • Overflowing gadget storage

Bonus tip: clean out your fridge and pantry
Give yourself three hours for this task and you’ll be amazed at how good you feel afterwards. Wipe down all shelves and dispose of expired food. You’ll beam with pride every time you look inside.

You Deserve Positive Energy in Your Home!

Now it’s your turn.

Take an hour or two this weekend and choose an area of your home clear space in.

Once you’re finished you’ll be sure to feel a positive energetic shift that adds joy to your life.

Find out why your home is still cluttered.

Most people struggle with one of three common challenges when clearing clutter. But once you understand what’s holding you back, you can create a peaceful, calm & inspiring home you love.

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