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5 Simple Spring Decluttering Tips

Looking for Spring decluttering tips?  Clearing space is an amazing way to welcome in a fresh new season! If you’re curious of how to enjoy the process this year, read on.


It’s happening now, can you feel it?

The stillness of winter is giving way to the expansive possibilities of spring time.  And in the Northern Hemisphere, the snow melts as longer, warmer days quickly approach.

Traditionally, spring is a time for sowing new seeds into the earth.  This makes it the perfect time to focus on a life refresh.  When you use the seasons as a guide, you can create harmony in your life and home.

If you’re ready to switch from puffy parkas to daisy printed raincoats in your closets but feel overwhelmed, I’ve got 5 simple spring decluttering tips to help.

Spring Decluttering Tip #1 - Set Yourself Up Before You Begin

Don’t jump into your spring decluttering without proper preparation.  Instead, mindfully set yourself up for success before digging through any closets or cupboards.  Being methodical in your approach prevents working in circles and creating bigger messes than you began with.

Pause, think ahead and plan your work before you get started.  Ask yourself:

  • What area of your home will you work on?
  • What is the end goal?  What does “finished” look like for this project?
  • Do you have all of your supplies?  (garbage bags, empty boxes, tape & markers etc)

Next, clear the chosen space from surface clutter first.  This means removing trash, or any other items that are clogging up the space.  

Make the space to be as easy to work in as possible.  Clearing clutter is tough when tripping over old Amazon delivery boxes or searching for a clear space to work on.

Spring Decluttering Tip #2 - Think Seasonally

Decluttering can be overwhelming, so be sure to categorize your belongings.  This  allows you to mentally divide your projects, so you can take care of them one at a time.  

When you switch from winter to spring in your home, ask yourself these questions:

  • What needs to come out and what can go away?
  • Do I have items I haven’t used all winter?  
  • If so, why? (if you don’t have a good answer – let them go!)
  • Where am I ready to reinvigorate the energy of my space?  

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Spring Decluttering Tip #3 - Create a Positive Space to Work In

Note: this applies to decluttering and organizing all year round, not just in spring!

My clients often avoid clearing clutter because they dread the experience.  But they (and you) have the power to make it more enjoyable.  The next time you get to work on a clearing project, try the following:

  • Turn on music that you love
  • Open a window for fresh air
  • Use essential oils or candles – choose energizing scents like citrus or peppermint
  • Set a timer and try the Pomodo Method,  25 minutes working with zero distractions then a 5-minute break  (this is an incredible productivity technique that I use when I write these blogs!)
  • Stretch, move and energize your body while you clear

Decluttering and organizing doesn’t have to feel like an endless chore that you’ll never have control over. 

By shifting the energy in your environment you’ll prove that yes, you’re in control.   This in turn boosts your confidence before you even begin sorting and purging.

Spring Decluttering Tip #4 - Use Fresh Eyes on Your Space

Spring is a great time to try something new!  Move furniture, shop your home for bins and baskets, redistribute decorations and shake up the energy of your home.

Try looking at your spaces through the eyes of someone who doesn’t live in it everyday.  

Your storage areas should make it easy to keep organized.  This means knowing exactly what’s stored where, being able to remove and put back items without a ski helmet toppling from a top shelf onto your head.

A shelving unit or closet could be rearranged for better access to what’s stored inside, and it could only take a few simple tweaks on your part.  Remember, always question if your set up makes it easy on you to use.

Spring Decluttering Tip #5 - Get Intentional

On the surface, decluttering is just hauling overstuffed black garbage bags of boot-cut jeans and never used waffle irons from your house.  But the more you clear, the more you’ll see it’s a tool for transformation in your life.

The intentional work you do in your home now sets the stage for your future.

Ask yourself:

  • What are you looking forward to this spring?
  • What are you ready to let go of in this seasonal change? 
  • Who are you becoming and do your belongings and home support this vision of yourself?
Use this change in seasons to reflect on your past four months and get clear on what you wish to create in the next four.

Take Action!

Taking a  seasonal clearing approach lowers overwhelm and encourages positive changes in your home.  

Remember these spring decluttering tips and put them in action, you’ll love the results.

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