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How to Create a Peaceful Home Retreat

A home retreat can be yours, because you deserve a peaceful place to rest. 

It’s not always possible to book a getaway, but it’s possible to recreate that calm, blissed out feeling you come home with.

But before we dig into creating that peaceful vibe,think of the last time you took time away and attended a retreat. 

You may have stayed in an uncluttered and beautiful setting, turned your phone off and spent quiet mindful time to yourself.

If your home is overflowing with stuff and your screen is the first thing you see when you wake up and fall asleep, your mind will race from morning to night.

So, creating a retreat-like feeling in your home, involves two focuses.

1. The physical energy of the space 

2. Your personal habits

Below are four simple suggestions to create a retreat-like feeling in your home.

1. Clear Clutter

Every item in your home holds its own energy – good and bad.  This makes the act of clearing clutter a potent way to adjust the feeling in your space.

I always suggest working in small areas to avoid burn out (or making a bigger mess than when you began.)

Also, make sure you start on the outer layer of clutter first.  What do I mean by outer layer?  Look at your counter-tops, open storage areas and high traffic areas.

Decluttering these spaces will create instant impact and start a snowball effect that boosts your confidence.

Think about it.   If the surface of your home is cluttered, digging through boxes in the bottom of your closet won’t affect your energy as much.

Start with your counters, entrance way, surfaces in your bedroom and bathroom and your dining table.  Clearing these spaces will instantly lower stress and improve the energy in your home.

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2. Add Beauty - Sights, Sounds & Smells

Now that you’ve decluttered, have fun adding supportive sights and smells. Candles, essential oils and music are all powerful ways to uplift the energy of your living space.

Make lighting a candle or filling your essential oil diffuser a mindful ritual.  You’ll connect to the present moment and bring peace into your home.  Yes, taking small opportunities like this really can bring a calming effect into your life.

Essential oils that relax & calm – lavender, rose, ylang ylang & bergamot.

Colour to add to your space for relaxation – blue.  In Feng Shui it’s believed that the colour blue can slow down your heart rate to increase rest.

Music to promote peace and well being – Snatum Kaur.  If you’ve ever enjoyed music in a yoga class, chances are you’ve heard her heavenly voice before.

3. Create Headspace - Phone Boundaries

With all of the knowledge, connection and good our phones can bring – they also create massive amounts of stress on a deep level.

Without boundaries, social media and nonstop newsfeeds spike our cortisol levels which  negatively affect our bodies and our anxiety levels.  Essentially, we live in a constant state of “fight or flight.” This is tiring and brings on disease and unrest.

Take a cue from the rules of retreat and stop checking your phone first thing in the morning.  Instead, keep your phone out of the bedroom in the morning and evening. You’ll be amazed at how much this affects your mood and outlook on life.

When you wake up you need time to simply be with yourself.   Take time to listen to birds chirping outside your window, or your golden-doodle softly snoring next to you. 

These small moments of calm and connection are part of the stress relief that retreats create.  

4. Wake Up Mindfully - Develop a Morning Routine

Any yoga retreat I’ve attended began with meditation or satsang first thing in the morning. Take advantage of the inherent peacefulness of the quiet morning and you’ll feel different all day.

Journal – fill out gratitude lists, write down how you would like to feel for the rest of the day, check in with how you’re feeling.  There’s no end to the possibilities of knowing yourself through your journal.

Meditate – even five minutes a day can calm your nervous system, curb anxiety and create a peaceful feeling that you’ll take with you everywhere you go.  Check out the Headspace App (not an affiliate – just a big fan) if you’re unsure of how to start.

Yoga Asana/Stretch/Movement – another example where small consistent practice will lead to life-changing results.  Yoga With Adriene has hundreds of free classes, and many of them are 20-minutes or less.

It's Possible to Make Your Home Feel Like a Retreat

Create space, surround yourself with beauty and most importantly – take care of yourself!  By following these simple suggestions, you’ll have a retreat-like home in no time.

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