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Use This Simple 4-Step Method To Clear Your Clutter

There’s an endless list of reasons to clear your clutter.  Maybe you find clutter annoying because it takes up so much of your time.  Or, you’d like to stop stressing out because you can’t find an item when you need it.  Clutter can also be connected to your past, and can remind you of unhappier times. 

Whatever your reason, the best time to clear your clutter is now.

But how do know the right way to do it?

The Trouble With Endless Choices

Search “clutter” in the book section on Amazon and you’ll quickly get 6000 options.  Google the term “clutter blog” and in under a second you’ll have over 50,000,000 choices (yikes!)

This enormous amount of information at your fingertips is powerful, but it can also feel overwhelming.   And if you struggle with clutter, the last thing you need is another reason to feel overwhelmed.

So, what’s the best option for you?

The truth is, only you can decide for yourself.  And the only way to figure it out is to take action.

But if turning your entire house upside down in a matter of weeks à la Marie Kondo scares the heck out of you, I have a different solution.

A Simpler Way to Clear Your Clutter

I’ve created a clutter clearing process called The Clear Your Life Method that involves four simple & repeatable steps, with an emphasis on small & focused areas. 

The result?

You’ll see a visible difference in the area you worked on in an hour or less.

When you clear clutter in a steady, consistent way, you’re way less likely to get frustrated and give up.  Imagine clutter clearing becoming an integral and enjoyable part of your life, instead of just another thing to do on your (already too long) to-do list.

The Four C's of The Clear Your Life Method

You don’t have to feel like you’re starting all over again every time you try to clear clutter.   

The following four steps can be done on a project as small as a pencil cup or as large as your closet.  The important thing is that they’re done in the same order, so you can build your clutter clearing muscles with each project.

Curious to learn the four C’s?  Let’s get into them!

  1. Collect – gather all items.
  2. Clear – make quick & confident decisions on what to keep.
  3. Commit – identify what action or habit is needed to keep the space clear
  4. Complete – every small project must be finished.– identify what action or habit is needed to keep the space clear.

Ready to See it in Action?

Now that you know the basics of the four C’s, I invite you to download your own copy of The Clear Your Life Method.  

It includes step by step instructions to use this method to clear your clutter with ease and confidence.

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Clear Clutter in an hour or less!
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