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New Moon Affirmations for Clutter Clearing

What the heck does the moon have to be with clutter?

Well, for years it was as though I was chasing my days, weeks & months.  Even though I was happy enough,  life almost felt out of control.  Like it was happening to me.  

And my home reflected this too.

If you can relate, learning about the lunar cycles and their affects is incredibly healing.

Once I understood certain patterns that happened each month, I felt reassured.  It became a beautiful compliment to my journal practice, which I’m sharing today.

But first…

Why Care About The New Moon?

When first learning about the lunar cycles, it’s best to start simple.  The most foundational thing you can know is this…

Each month, we experience a full moon and then a couple of weeks later, a new moon.

There is SO much deeper you can go.  But even starting with just these two events that take place, each and every month, will allow you go get a sense of the cycles.

Creating rituals, journaling and simply paying attention to the new and full moon will put you in touch with nature and the Universe.  You’ll begin to see a rhythm to life you may have never noticed before.

Plus, the new moon is a great time to call in MORE of what you want!

A Simple New Moon Journal Exercise

If you are clearing clutter to create inspiring space, this exercise is for you.

Often, decluttering focuses on what you should get rid of and remove from your life.  But there is power in getting clear on what you’d like more of too.  Here’s how to celebrate the new moon with intention.

First, grab your journal!

Next, write a list of words that describe what you’d like more of in your life.  For this specific journal exercise, try not to think about material possessions. Instead, think about how you’d like to feel or experience life through your clutter clearing.

Here are a few examples that came to mind for me.  Feel free to use these and add your own:

✨ Space

✨ Peace

✨ Freedom

Write as many as you can think of without putting pressure on yourself.  Have fun with this!

Create Your New Moon Affirmations

Now, with your beautiful list of inspiring words, you can create affirmations.

Start each affirmation with the words “I welcome” then, finish the sentence!

I welcome space so I can enjoy more quiet moments.

I welcome peace because I am worthy of it and all it brings me.

I welcome the freedom to create and live how I choose.


New Moon Rituals Bring a Sense of Calm to Your Life

I hope this article has inspired you to connect to the lunar cycles.  I’m no expert in this field, just a curious woman who has personally found peace through them.

And before I go, I’ll share a resource of someone I admire when it comes to all things lunar, tarot and astrology.

Sarah Gottesdiener is the founder of Modern Woman.  Her writings and offerings are incredible and I highly recommend you join her Moonbeaming Newsletter. I promise, her emails are worthy of space in your inbox.

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