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Why I Love Tiny Living

Recently, Exploring Alternatives created a beautiful video about my husband and I’s decision to try tiny living.

In October of 2019, we spent the day filming and sharing our story.  Naturally, there’s lots of curiosity around life in a converted box truck.

Click below to watch the full video:

Why Tiny Living?

As you’ll see in the full interview, Marc and I love that tiny living means constant change and exciting challenges.

For example, one month we might travel in our home on wheels and park it next to the ocean.  Then, the next month we could be settled in a campground taking on extra work.  In fact, we now call what we do seasonal living.

This means we change things up purposely every couple of months.

Was It Hard Downsizing At Such An Early Age?

Tiny living is the ultimate challenge for my personal clutter-clearing journey.  Every corner of our home had to be emptied before we moved.  There was nowhere left to hide.

Because of this, Marc and I had to get extremely intentional about what we kept.  After all, we only had 112 sq ft to work with.

We’ve now moved into a modestly bigger home on wheels (a 300 sq ft fifth wheel to be exact) and taking such a small amount of items and moving them into a slightly roomier space has been a joy!  I wouldn’t change this experience for anything.

May This Video Inspire You

No, not to sell all of your belongings and move into a van.  

Ideally, I’d like our story to inspire you to go after what YOU really want in life.  Don’t let others make up the rules for how you want to live.  Ultimately, you get to design your life.

Stay connected to what lights you up and enjoy the process of living with intention.

I hope you enjoy this peek into our tiny living life.



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  1. Davy

    Thanks Jen – your tiny living story is indeed inspiring…
    Obviously, it’s much easier to set up tight conditions for a couple than it is for a family with children…
    However, I’ll definitely endeavor to design a much simpler life for our family best on optimizing our resources…

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