Home Office Declutter: 3 Quick Things to Purge Today

Home Office Declutter: 3 Quick Things to Purge Today

Let’s face it, drowning in home office papers, books, binders & boxes causes stress and leaves you scattered.  And the best way to reclaim your focus is to tackle a home office declutter.  

It doesn’t matter if you have the luxury of a separate room or work from a desk shoved in the corner of your living room – less stuff in your home office creates a sense of peace. 

There are many reasons why you can’t focus in your home office.  Maybe you have a lack of privacy or worse…

Others in your living space don’t think twice about leaving a plate or their backpacks in your workspace.  It seems your home office is the family dumping ground – which is super frustrating!

Often, figuring out where to start is the toughest part of starting your home office declutter.  I always recommend following the same steps while you clear your life.  If you’re curious how I approach projects with my clients, be sure to sign up for my Clear Your Life Method at the bottom of this page.

But first…

Why Declutter Your Home Office?

As always, lets get super clear on the why behind the changes you wish to make.  A clutter-free and organized office will improve your focus, energy and confidence.

Keep this in mind when you step into your space to take action.

Overwhelm and confusion can paralyze us from making the changes we are desperate to make, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Staying connected to your why is the inner fuel you’ll need to keep going.

What will you do with more focus?

Maybe you’ll get more done in less time, to free you up for those long afternoon hikes you wish you had time for.

And what about more energy?  You’ll be able to show up better for your clients, your partner, and yourself.  Your energy levels dictate the quality of your days and your work.  Trying to create from an empty cup is exhausting.

Now imagine how a clutter-free office will affect your confidence!  No more hiding your mess before hopping on a Zoom call.  When you take control of your physical space, your confidence will naturally increase.  After all, it’s all connected.

Unsure where to start with your home office declutter? Here are a few easy places to begin.

3 Things To Easily Clear From Your Office Today

1. Easy to recycle papers

Paper clutter is a huge source of office stress, and with good reason. It seems like it reproduces itself out of nowhere!

Every time you turn around, there’s a new little pile forming on the corner of your desk. And if you don’t act on it quickly – you reach a point where you can’t see the surfaces in your office.

To start, have a look around your office and get ruthless when you see the following types of paper that are cluttering up your space.

  • unneeded receipts
  • old takeout menus
  • old calendars + magazines
  • expired coupons + discount codes
  • business cards from people you don’t remember meeting

Get these unnecessary papers out of your office asap and you’ll have more room to breathe.

Next up?

2. Trash + items that belong in other rooms of the house

It doesn’t matter if you’ve left these items in your home office or someone else that lives in your home. This is an immediate and satisfying way to create space instantly. Look for the following items to quickly get rid of:

  • empty grocery bags
  • dirty plates + glasses
  • backpacks or purses that ended up on the floor

3. Incomplete projects

Honestly, this is the toughest out of my 3 suggestions. But it will free up creative space and have an amazing effect on your work. No home office declutter is complete without purging incomplete projects.

Do you find yourself buying programs, workbooks or trainings with high hopes? But then a few months later, they end up tucked away on your office shelves in your course graveyard?

If so, you’re not alone.

The exciting thing is, if you release the weight of those unfinished courses (guilt, wasted money thoughts, disappointment) you’ll energetically create space for fresh new ideas to come flooding in.

Creativity doesn’t like clutter because it holds stagnant energy.

This one small change in your office can have a life-changing effect on your work.

Bonus! Here are 3 Positive Additions to Your Home Office

Now that you’ve taken action with your home office declutter, it’s time to be mindful and add in items to lift the energy of your space.

1. An Easy to Access Garbage + Recycling Can

This is a practical yet simple change in your office that is easy to overlook.

If papers pile up in your home office, it might be because you don’t have a simple system to get rid of them.

Always make improved habits as easy on yourself as possible (like being able to recycle paper without having to move from your desk chair) 

2. A Cheerful Plant

Having a plant in view while you work can boost your mood, connect you to nature and encourage you to keep your space clear.

Here’s a fun trick if your current workspace doesn’t have plant appropriate lighting or if you just really don’t like taking care of them.

Add a well made artificial plant to your workspace, then add a scoop of real soil on top.

3. An Inspiring Affirmation

Where your attention goes, energy flows.

Your office space is the perfect place to keep an inspiring affirmation in a visible spot for you to read over and over again.

You could:

  • Write it on a sticky note, and change it each month
  • Purchase or make a framed graphic
  • Use a letterboard like below:

Clear Your Office + Enjoy Working From Home Again

There are lots of reasons to perform a home office declutter. You might be dealing with endless distractions, feel like you never have enough space, and working around frustrating piles of stuff.

It’s super important that you take the time to create space and be intentional on what you keep in your home workspace.

Remember, being organized isn’t a destination, it’s a practice.

There’s no better time to start than now! You’ll find that the more consistent you are in clearing, the easier it becomes.  

Another way to make clutter clearing simpler and more effective is by following a step by step formula.

If you’re ready to take action but need help, enter your details below and I’ll send you my Clear Your Life Method.  It will have you creating real space in your home in no time.


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