You always feel like there's not enough time. But what if you could speed up your decluttering progress in just one hour?

I see you.  You’ve managed to take a couple of bags to the donation drop off center, you pin “decluttering hack” blog posts every week.   But when you come home and open the door, you look around and all you see if more stuff.  

Even though you’ve made some progress in the past, all of a sudden you’re frustrated and stuck.

Introducing Get Unstuck Sessions

Give me one hour and you’ll leave our time together feeling confident, excited and ready take action. And when you take action with the right support behind you, you’ll see the results you’ve been wishing for!

Together, we’ll pick one main area of focus for your session.  What makes you most excited?  Maybe:

  • The ultimate pared down closet filled with just the right amount of clothes that make you excited to get dressed every morning
  • An organized and inviting kitchen that take less time to clean so you can spend more time with your family and friends
  • A calm, serene and organized home office that allows you to build your dream business

Here's what you get (besides less clutter!)

One-hour 1:1 Coaching Call

You’ll have a chance to express yourself freely, without judgement.  You’ll receive empathy and practical advice that will make your next steps feel easy.  We’ll meet on Zoom, a simple video calling website.  

Personalized PDF Unstuck Action Plan

The specific steps we determined for you from your 1:1 call in a beautiful and personalized document.  It’s like a road map that will get you where you want to go.  

Bonus Bespoke Affirmations

Inspiration, motivation and support for when you need it most.  You’ll treasure these affirmations and return to them again and again as you create your dream life.

Who are these clutter coaching calls perfect for?

This call’s for you if you’ve already put effort into your clutter clearing, but aren’t seeing the results you hoped for.  Or, you were seeing results, and now you’ve stalled and just don’t know what to tackle next.  

These calls are all about results.

Jen helped me transform my at-home office from a cluttered & stressful mess, to an inviting & inspiring space. Projects I had been putting off doing for MONTHS are now finally getting done. With less resistance and stress. And so much more ease and flow.
Lauren Kenson
Health Coach, Entrepreneur

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