• spend less time organizing and dealing with your stuff when Summer rolls around
  • clear out five key stagnant places in your home after a long winter of closed windows and doors
  • learn the basics of living with the seasons instead of constantly fighting against them
  • boost your energy and replace the dark heaviness of winter with a light spacious feeling 
  • get intentional and set a vision for your ideal Spring & Summer
Professional organizer Jen Rao from Clear Your Life

What will the challenge involve?

  • 5 days of instructional and inspirational emails (that include do-able clutter clearing projects you can finish in an hour or less)
  •  Daily Facebook Live Videos where I’ll go deeper into the day’s email topics and answer any questions that you have
  • The support, connection and accountability of The Clear Your Life Community – make new friends who share your desire to create space and time in their lives too 

By the end of these five days you’ll feel a noticeable shift in your home environment.  It will be less cluttered, lighter and fresher!  You’ll be amazed at how much you can accomplish in a short period of time.

This is really exciting, but if it sounds overwhelming to you, I understand.  You may long for a clutter free home but feel powerless to actually make it happen.

 This challenge will show you how to make progress and break through the fear of overwhelm.

Why?  Because you’ll complete small projects that build your confidence and allow you to feel like you actually accomplished something.  Plus I’ll show you exactly where to start, because sometimes that’s the hardest part.

If you want to take control of your home and your energy, you’ll love this challenge.  

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