June Year of Clear

June Year of Clear

June is here and with it comes the longest days of the year for us in the Northern Hemisphere. You may be waking up earlier while hearing birds chirping in the morning. June leads us from the bubbling anticipation of spring into the high energy of summer!

Even if your summer plans have changed drastically, there’s still opportunity to celebrate the changing of the seasons. When you live in tune with what’s happening in your outer environment, it has a positive affect on your inner self.

This month’s Year of Clear workbooks offers projects, prompts & affirmations with the light and playfulness of summer in mind. Enjoy!   xo Jen


“I allow myself to shine brightly and create a positive ripple effect around me”

“I use my voice and gifts to create positive change in the world”

“My spring intentions are blooming into reality every day”

Journal Prompts

How do I want my summer to feel?

What actions can I take to make this a reality?

Clearing Projects

  1. Spruce up an outdoor seating area

Create a cozy and clean outdoor area to enjoy the warmer weather from.

  • wipe down furniture
  • sweep area
  • remove any items that were being stored there in winter/spring
  • add plants in pots

2. Clear an outdoor storage space

Sheds or garages become dumping grounds.  However, they should be spaces where you can easily access your summer tools.

Use the 4-step Clear Your Life Method to get the job done with ease.  Collect, Clear, Commit & Complete!

3.  Commit to fresh flowers

Find a vase you have hidden away or upcycle a jar to display fresh flowers this month.  This is a small act of love to show yourself and will boost your mood each time you see it.

The Clear Your Life Method

4 steps to clear clutter & transform any space in an hour or less (without overwhelm!)

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