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Looking for a Whistler Professional Organizer?

Are you ready to hire a Whistler professional organizer to declutter, simplify and organize your home?  Today I’m sharing how my company, Clear Your Life Organizing can help you.

I serve the Sea to Sky Corridor, including the beautiful homes of Whistler.  My all-inclusive packages allow you to relax while I handle every detail of the organizing process.  No guessing, confusion or surprises.  Just judgment free, kind-hearted and professional support to create the space you desire.

Curious to learn how Clear Your Life can serve you as your Whistler Professional Organizer?  Here are just a sample of ways I can help:

Preparing to Enter the Whistler Real Estate Market

Ready to sell your Whistler home?  Hiring a professional organizer can have an immediate return on investment.  

Firstly, a cluttered space gives a bad first impression when you show your home.  Potential buyers need to step into the space and imagine themselves living there, which is hard to do if they see your belongings everywhere.

With one of my organizing packages, we can have your home market-ready in record time.

Turning Your Home Into a Whistler Vacation Rental

Are you thinking of renting your Whistler home and putting it on the vacation rental market?  Working with a professional organizer like myself beforehand will ensure you’re getting top value for your nightly and weekly rates.

Let your future tenants relax and enjoy a clear and uncluttered space.  

Closet and Kitchen Organizing Projects

Disorganization creeps into closets and kitchens and affects your daily life.

Do you dream of walking into your closet and being able to choose a beautiful outfit with ease?  With my help, we can make it happen.

And while dining out in Whistler is every foodie’s dream, sometimes you just want to reach into your cupboards and love what you see.  I adore creating functional and beautiful spaces in kitchens.


Downsizing is a large and multi-layered event.  The magnitude of the tasks at hand can be overwhelming.

While you desire to live in a smaller and easier to manage space, you may have belongings that you haven’t touched in ten years hiding away in your closet.  It’s essential that you purge and streamline your belongings before moving into your new home.  With my help, the transition to your new space will be easy.

Professional Organizer Squamish Whistler Jen Rao

Curious How I Can Help? Let's Meet.

Ready to talk about your specific organizing needs?  We’ll begin with your free in-home 60 minute consultation.  I’ll come to your home in Whistler, and we’ll discuss the vision you have for your home and how Clear Your Life can best serve you.

Hiring a professional to come into your home and handle your personal belongings requires an incredible amount of trust, and it’s my goal to earn that trust from the minute we greet each other.

Get started today by clicking the button below to request a consultation.

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