Your home is still cluttered because you’re…

Overwhelmed and over it!


This could look like:

🗺️ having no clue where to start

⛰️ only seeing a mountain of mess

🙃 working in circles with little progress to show for it


Oof. Being overwhelmed is hard. But there are small changes you can make to see results fast.

So how do you overcome overwhelm and finally clear space in your home? Even if you’ve tried and given up, I promise you can do it! 

How to stop overwhelm from cluttering up your home:

Start small

Forget the flashy before & afters you see on TV and Instagram. Try clearing clutter one small space at a time.

Know your zones

Pro organizers can walk into a room and visually identify each zone and it’s purpose. And you can learn this skill too.

Be kind to yourself

You will never create lasting change in your home without being compassionate and non-judgmental with yourself.

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Professional organizer Jen Rao from Clear Your Life

Oh hi there!

I’m Jen, a professional organizer based in Squamish BC. I love helping thoughtful homeowners like you reclaim their space by clearing clutter. Something magical happens when you remove the unused, hidden and useless crap clogging up your space. The energy in your home feels lighter, and you feel better! When I’m not clearing space in others’ lives, you can find me hiking with my husband and labradoodle Stella, writing in my journal or catching up on every season of RuPaul’s Drag Race.

I’m so grateful you’re here!