Your home is still cluttered because you’re…

Easily Attached

This can look like:

  • wondering if you’ll need things “someday”
  • keeping gifts out of guilt
  • stressing over the money spent on past purchases

You want to clear your home and reclaim your space, but you're scared! All those memories, emotions and decisions stop you before you barely begin. Ugh.

So how do you move past the attachment you have for all that stuff in your home? Even if you’ve tried and given up, I promise you can do it! 

How to stop attachment from cluttering up your home:

Start Easy

If you start clearing sentimental items first, you’ll get sidetracked, frustrated and give up. Toss the 3 extra toothbrushes in your vanity instead.

Work Step By Step

Because trying to declutter without a simple and repeatable process just makes everything harder.

Look Ahead

Connect to the future you’re creating to let go of what you don’t want or need anymore.

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Professional organizer Jen Rao from Clear Your Life

Oh hi there!

I’m Jen, a professional organizer based in Squamish BC. I love helping thoughtful homeowners like you reclaim their space by clearing clutter. 

Something magical happens when you remove the unused, hidden and useless stuff clogging up your space. The energy in your home feels lighter, and you feel better! 

When I’m not clearing space in others’ lives, you can find me hiking with my husband and labradoodle Stella, writing in my journal or catching up on every season of RuPaul’s Drag Race.

I’m so grateful you’re here!