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You Need This To Live Simply

Give yourself permission to live an intentional life on your own terms.

We live on a planet with 7.6 billion other people in 195 different countries.  We live in an infinite Universe that we can barely wrap our heads around.  We’re little specks, here for such an incredibly short amount of time.  We forget this often. 

We get stressed, we get wrapped up in our daily dramas.  Who could blame us? 

But we can pause and remember we’re  just doing our best.  We can remember that even our best will change from day to day and year to year. 

We get so caught up in social media and advice that even something like simplifying is stressful.

So please, drop your shoulders and take a big beautiful deep breath.  

Let the stress melt away as you confirm...

You have permission to not “fix” or declutter your house in one stressful mad dash.

You have permission to want more.  Simple living and abundance are not mutually exclusive.

You have permission to be a little messy and not have a perfect looking home or life.

You have permission to treat yourself to nice things and spend money on what you love.

You have permission to want money.  Money can be a beautiful thing and it’s okay to want lots of it.

You have permission to use technology without guilt.  It’s an incredible gift that can be used to improve your life.

You have permission to care about nobody’s opinion of yourself except your own.

You have permission to nap.  Naps are not for lazy people, sometimes they’re just what you need.

You have permission to not do all the things.  Unless doing all of the things is what you need.  Trust your intuition.

You have permission to not do what everyone else is doing.  

Live your life as you see fit.  Make the most of being a tiny little speck on this earth for a blip in time and do it your way.

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