Jen helped me transform my at-home office from a cluttered & stressful mess, to an inviting & inspiring space. Projects I had been putting off doing for MONTHS are now finally getting done. With less resistance and stress. And so much more ease and flow.
Clear Your Life Client

Your home should be a sanctuary, not a source of stress.  If clutter and disorganization cause you daily headaches, I can help.

Let me handle the sorting, cleaning and organizing  (you know, all the parts of decluttering that you hate).  You only come in with your final say on what stays and what goes!

Have trouble letting go?  No problem.  

You can count on my empathetic and firm voice of reason to work through any clutter blocks you face.  No judgement, no pressure, just your best interest in mind.

Create Space Packages: 

5 hours $275

10 hours $522 (save 5%)

20 hours $990 (save 10%)

I’m based in Squamish and proudly serve the Sea to Sky Corridor.  Please note: organizing sessions in Whistler and North Vancouver add $25/day travel rate.

Ready to get started? Phone or email me to schedule a consult:


Most frequent questions and answers

Consults take place in your home and last roughly 30 minutes.  It’s my goal from the minute we meet to put you at ease and develop a trustworthy relationship that will ensure our success.

You’ll fill out a pre-consult questionnaire so I have background on what you want to get out of working together.  During the consult I’ll get to know you, your home and your needs better.  Then we’ll discuss a game plan to reach your goals.

The time spent during our initial consult will be credited towards your package purchase.

I’ll work on a predetermined area of your home in each session.  You’ll need to be home to offer input.

I begin by collecting and sorting all items in the area before you are asked to make the “keep or toss” decisions.  I’m always available for support to make these decisions, but the final call is up to you.  

Once we both know what’s staying in the area, it will be put back together in an efficient, organized and beautiful manner.

Every person and their home is unique.  The process length will depend on your goals for your home and your budget.  Many clients are excited with the changes they see within a 20-hour package.

I’ll never make you do anything.  But understand that I’m a clutter-clearing expert first, and organizer second.

I rely on simplifying, minimizing and streamlining far more than on fancy storage solutions.

Only by removing the excess in your home will you see the results that will transform your entire life.  Remember: organized clutter is still clutter.

Yes, 100%!  When you allow me into your home I see it as a great honour.  I don’t take this level of trust lightly.

I’ll never share information about you or take photos without your permission.  As a member of Professional Organizers in Canada, I adhere to a strict code of ethics that you can read here.

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