October Year of Clear

October Year of Clear

What are you releasing?

Welcome to October my friends! In what continues to be a challenging year on may levels, we enter the last four months of 2020. October 1st is the Harvest Full Moon, an opportunity to release what isn’t serving you anymore, physically and emotionally. If you’re unclear on what to choose, this workbook will guide you.

Fall is also a time of culmination and completion. Think about what takes up too much of your head-space by staying on your to do list for too long.

Now is the time! Be bold, powerful and decisive by taking control of your home environment.

You can do it, I believe in you!

xo Jen


I easily release what doesn’t serve me anymore

I stay in flow with nature & the changing seasons

My home supports me & takes care of me, everyday

Journal Prompts

What areas of my life are out of balance right now?

Three unhelpful thoughts I’m ready to release are…

An area in my home where I’m ready to release clutter is…

How to Clear with Intention

Where should you declutter? 

Often, it’s hard to know where to start.  If you picture multiple areas – choose one that will have the biggest impact after it’s cleared. It’s important to still pick one and get started.

Begin by asking yourself: is there an area of your home that’s hard to relax in? With winter on its way, creating easeful spaces now will pay off later, I promise.

Once you’ve chosen the area, follow the Clear Your Life Method.

1 COLLECT – Take everything out from a small workable area. Sort items into like piles while you go. Wipe down + clean area if necessary.

2 CLEAR – Sort through the piles. Toss, donate or put aside to keep in a different area of home (don’t leave the space to put it away yet- stay focused)

3 COMMIT – Think about how the area became cluttered. What behaviours + habits will stop that from happening again?

4 COMPLETE – Return items in a functional way that works for YOU. Throw away trash, take out recycling, move stray items to their proper homes.

If you need more support with the Clear Your Life Method, download the full work book below!

The Clear Your Life Method

4 steps to clear clutter & transform any space in an hour or less (without overwhelm!)

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