Like so many middle-class kids born in the early 80’s, my childhood was a comfortable one.

I never went without, and if anything, I unknowingly lived a life of excess.  Toys, makeup, magazines, clothes, shoes.  You name it, I had it in surplus. 

But I somehow never thought that I had enough (do you know that feeling?)

With these childhood habits deeply ingrained, I became an adult with a cluttered life.  I shopped when I was bored and bought new items even when they didn’t add any value.  Oh, and I was $9,000 in purely consumer debt.  

How did this happen?  I had been working full-time since I was a teenager, where on earth did all of that money go?!

I always thought that the life I dreamed of living was just out of reach.  I used to say “if only I had more money… if only I had more time.”

Turns out, I just needed less stuff.

It didn’t happen all at once, but I adjusted my shopping habits and slowly paid off my debt.  I began only spending money on experiences and items that lit me up.  I donated and sold items that were just taking up space in my life.  I politely asked my friends and family to stop buying me gifts at every holiday.

In 2016 my husband and I made our boldest decision yet to see how happy we could be while living with less.  We spent a year and a half selling most of our possessions and our sweet little home. 

In January 2018 we moved into a custom tiny home on wheels, which we lovingly named Tessa.  We now travel North America full-time.  We wanted travel to be the basis of our life, rather than something we got to do a couple of weeks a year.

I don’t think that every person needs to “sell it all” and live on the road to receive the benefits of a simplified life.  This is our version of life on our own terms, and yours might look very different! 

But think about this:

  • How does your physical clutter get in the way of living a life you really love?
  • What would you do if money were no object?
  • What would you do if you had more time?
  • What void are you trying to fill with the unnecessary stuff that you buy?

These are the questions I asked myself on my journey to a simpler, happier life and they’re the same kind of questions I’ll be asking you along your journey!