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31 Days of Simple Self-Care

I stared at the magazine rack and there it was.  The perfect synopsis for how stressful  November and December have become.  

The bold all caps headline on the glossy woman’s magazine read:


Ugh.  When did life and a beautiful time of year turn into something you need to survive?


It’s easy to get swept up in the intensity of our society if you don’t have right tools to stay grounded.

Now, I mostly write about clutter and simplifying ’round here.  

But where does self-care fit in?

I’ve compiled 31 of my favourite little practices I use to take care of myself.  They are easy ways to reconnect to the present moment, the only place you can make positive and sustainable change from.  

Think about it like this…

Clutter is often a physical manifestation of old choices or indecision.  It exists as a reminder of a past you aren’t ready to fully face.  Then layer on top the worry of your future, and life becomes complicated and out of alignment with what we really want.

To take care of your clutter, you have to take care of yourself.  It’s all connected.

The best thing about this list is you can pick and choose which practices work for you.  None of them require fancy equipment or hours of commitment.  You could try a different one each day, or pick one and practice daily for a week.  It’s completely up to you.

This December, celebrate the exciting idea that you can create positive change in your life through tiny shifts.


The smallest actions now can bring about the biggest long term happiness.  


31 Simple self-care tips
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